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GIL & ROY Props · 2805 GILROY STREET · LA CA 90039

323-664-2322 Email Us

GIL & ROY Props · 2805 GILROY STREET · LA CA 90039

Forms & Policies

Forms For Download


Insurance Binders Must:

  1. List Gil & Roy Props as the “Certificate Holder"
  2. Contain the following wording under the "Description of Operations/Special Provisions" section. ‘Certificate Holder is named as Additional Insured as respects General Liability and Automobile Liability including form #CA9947 and Loss Payee as respects Props, Sets, and wardrobes, and Loss of Use, rental/leased to the named insured.
  3. Must be issued by the company’s insurance agent.
  4. Please review our sample certificate of insurance (download here) to verify you havre the correct information on your document prior to submission.
  5. Binders should be emailed to Accounting@GilAndRoyProps.TV before the items leave our facility.


Payment is required before the items are picked up. Payments can be made via check, credit card. A 3% fee will be applied to credit card payments.

Pickup & Drop Off

Gil & Roy Props is open for pickup and drop off Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays. Off-hours/after-hours service available for an additional charge.

When picking up please be sure to send enough crew members to load and unload your items. Also, bring enough rope, moving blankets, etc. to secure the safety of the items.

Location Rental

Select buildings in the Modernica Props compound are available for rent to the entertainment industry for use as shooting locations, workshop facilities or production space. For more information please visit our locations website, email us at or call 312-961-3132.